November 9, 2015

Mysterious Glowing UFO Over Tijuana, Mexico On Nov 7, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 7, 2015
Location of sighting: Tijuana, Mexico

This orb looks like the one I caught during the day here in Taiwan last Friday (posted today). It has a myst around it and it appears solid, no plasma like some other UFOs. Mexico is a popular location of UFOs, probably due to the dry climate of the area. Some species like that. 
Scott C. Waring


Kyle Schrumpf said...

It's a rocket launch from China look it up.

Brendan Beggs said...

This is the same as was seen in Phoenix and LA. The Navy and Pentagon have taken responsibility saying that it was a test launch of a sub-based missile that was unarmed. I don't know how but they already have tons of people who are reassuring that this is a fact but to me it doesn't make sense that a missile would somehow create all that light? And another thing that bothers me is they said the reason they didnt make an announcement was because it was classified when they scurried together a lot of exposure right after the fact to make sure we knew it was from them. Any thoughts?

Louise Young said...

I just want to know why you can hear a chopper in the background, despite the other background sounds. But, when the people finally shut up and stop running, you can't hear it.

Louise Young said...

Does anyone else hear the chopper in the background in the beginning, in between the talking and running?? You can't hear it at the end when they finally shut up.

Matthew Shroads said...

Yeah I think the rocket launch cover story is total bs.

Anjeanette said...

In life my life, I’ve not given much credit to the idea that UFOs are real, but my husband & I witnessed this business everyone is talking about which took place this Saturday, Nov 7, 2015.
We were camping at Owl Creek, in the Gila Box Riparian Area, in Arizona, when an exceptionally bright orb of light appeared west of us, on the horizon. I asked my husband to quickly find his phone for find a camera. Meanwhile, I observed the orb, just hovering motionless for a time, then it appeared to swivel away, to the south, where it continued to hover in place, not moving. My husband came back, (photos were useless, because it was well after sunset, though still enough light to see by) and my binoculars, through which I observed the following:
The orb’s white light cast southward, a swath of white light, within which I observed a light green beam of light to condense. That greenish beam remained visible for only a moment or two, before a small ball of bluish haze appeared at the terminal end of the beam, hovering on the horizon to the south of the white orb. The bluish haze began to expand slowly in size, as the blue color intensified.
While this blue business is happening, I turn my binocs back toward the light orb, and see that it has dimmed a bit and now appears to have a triangular gray tail of some sort, coming out the Earthward facing surface of the orb. I passed my binocs off to my husband at this point, to verify what I believed I was seeing, and he confirmed.
Next, the ‘tail’ for lack of a better word, begins to come out of the top side as well, so that for a moment, the shape of the thing resembles an hourglass; orb in center, two gray triangles pointing inward. Then, the lower top tail disappears and gray cloud formation rises above, while the remaining lower ‘tail’ begins to shorten, as the orb moves down in the sky, hovering nearer to the mtn. tops. Just as the orb drops low enough to where I think it’s going to be lost from view behind the mtn., the light elongates, casting a beam low in the sky to the NW, and then instantly disappears into the sky.
The bluish haze was still visible on the horizon to the SW, but was fading, so I sat and watched until it had dissipated completely, which was almost 15 minutes. The entire incident spanned 18 minutes.
I am a scientist and do not subscribe to conspiracy theories. What I witnessed blew my mind. The Navy is lying. What I saw, was not a missile test launch.

Monkey Sandy said...

standard procedure to say it was missile or weather balloon, etc. They just won't admit they know these are UFOs.

Monkey Sandy said...

On Hangar 1: UFO Files they say the military always gives cover story, when they do actually know it is a UFO.

Myles Crawford said...

Just a basic understanding of chemistry and physics is enough for any person to know a missile rocket will never act in this nature. Maybe a drone missile. Gheez, who the hell is running the ship because these perps can't even lie well.

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