Car Size White UFO Over Xinzhuang, Taiwan On Nov 6, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Above is normal untouched close up of orb above it. Below is enhanced with contrast. 

Date of sighting: November 6, 2015 at 5:00-5:15pm 
Location of sighting:Xinzhuang Dist, New Taipei City, Taiwan

I was watching some passenger jets fly from right to left and another from left to right, coming and going from China to our Taipei airport about 20 min away. Thats when I noticed this orb. It was on the far left, so I pushed the window wider open and hung out a 5th floor window from the waist up to get this recording. 

It was about half as thick as the body of the passenger jets, but the color was the same...white. As I got my iphone 6s ready (4k video), I saw it moving to the right slowly. When I lifted the camera, the UFO stopped. I tried my best to hold the camera still out the window, so I apologize for the shaking, but it was do to the full zoom on the camera and me being excited. I tried to steady my hand against the side of the window as I held it up. 

I was late for teaching a class by about 4-5 minutes, but I had my wife check the window 15 min later and take a small 1 min video of the object. She checked a third time and the object was gone 20 minutes later. She couldn't stay to watch because she teaches a homework class.

This car size white UFO was my first close up daytime catch on camera, although I have had many sightings, but no camera at the time. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. It was a rocket look up the rocket launch schedule from China idiot.

    1. Lol? A rocket? You're the fucking idiot. The thing is barely moving... You and all the other brain washed Americans are a joke. Keep listening to your corrupt government, go ahead.

  2. Geez Kyle it's not nice to call someone an idiot especially when you're on their website looking at their personal sighting. Even if it was a rocket you don't have to be mean. Scott this looks like what I've been seeing flying around the UFO that keeps hovering over Washington, D.C. - it usually has 1-3 small white orbs that show up and circle it at night. Cool footage no wonder you were late to teach!

  3. Lol? Rocket? You're the fucking idiot. It's barely moving and you say it's a rocket. You and every other brain washed Americans are jokes. Believing everything you hear from your corrupt government...


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