May 19, 2016

Confirmed! UFO Caught SPEEDING Toward Australia From Sea! 5/17/16 Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting:  May 15, 2016
Location of sighting:  New South Wales, Ocean and Australia

This guy was watching a flight tracking radar using a cell phone app and caught a UFO shooting across the ocean in a straight line and 100X times the normal speed. This is a great report by SecurityTeam10 of Youtube. 

This UFO may not be alien at all. This could be a secret project that is headed by Bigelow Aerospace. Thats an area of the govt that is paid to make things like the TR3B, the Aurora Project, the Needles California blue UFO that crashed that was recovered by Janet planes and know where I going with this. Its ours...probably. Email or Tweet to Bigelow Aerospace and ask.
Scott C. Waring 


Wiswatch said...

Hi Scott,
Thank you for your diligence. I appreciate you putting this site and information out there for the public. I wanted to mention that Egypt Air flight that disappeared. What is the most disturbing is that they were at 37000 feet altitude and the air traffic controller's statement is that the flight never lost altitude, it just disappeared off radar? Wow, either someone was testing their new space weapon or maybe an unidentified flying object scooped it up.

Dezzy23 said...

2016 is the year ufo will be seen for real.

Simon Clark said...

Hi well this could be a we massage from yours truly to say please leave us alone or else

Hitesh Joshi said...

Well miswatch unfortunately that plane has crashed. Their debris has been found. It states to some terrorists activities . You theory can also be true. But we never know what it is.

Franomoly said...

Secureteam10 are known hoaxers; they are no better than Thirdphaseofthemoon. I have non idea why sites like yours and Coast To Coast AM have been passing them off as legit recently. Giving people like this credibility is going to hurt the credibility of Ufology as a whole.

DivineMsM said...

@Franomoly Would you mind sharing some sites that are, in your opinion, credible? This is just for my information as I roam online. Thanks!

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