June 1, 2016

UFO Sightings Daily Will Hit 40 Million Viewer Mark In Few Days! June 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Photo from above is Googles states for my site. Also understand the stats for today page views...today is only 40% over, so thats why its 14,000.

Hey everyone. I want to say that we are about to hit 40 million readers on this site sometime in the next two day. Thats one hell of a milestone for us and I could not have done it without a lot of loyal readers out there. 

I have always tried my best to deliver the news to you ASAP and at the quality you deserve. 

I have never tried nor wanted to have people know my name or face, but it just turned out that way. Lots of UFO guys out there are buying fake CGI from video selling sites and posting them as real, but I have learned to recognise 90% of them and not post them. 

I do have a technique that helps tell if a UFO video is real or not, and it works most the time, but certainly can be perfected by others. 

1. Take a screenshot of the video.
2. Alter the lighting on the screenshot.
    a. if the screenshot turns dark or abnormal...its a fake.
    b. if the screenshot turns light or acts normal...its real.
3. Alter the contrast on the screenshot.
    a. if the screenshot instead adds light...its fake.
    b. if the screenshot has abnormal behaviour for altering the contrast, then its fake.
    c. if the screenshot gets darker normally, then its real.
Thanks for making us what we are today. Its all you, the viewers that made this site so popular. 
Scott C. Waring


The Dude said...

Congrats Scott. Honestly thank you for your hard work. No other site can even come close. Hats off sir.

Scott Waring said...

Hey thanks, I will try to keep it up best I can.

Mr. Lahey said...

I'm sorry but a lot of the articles posted here aren't news worthy. Way too many faces pictures and not enough ships in the sky photos and or videos. I respect you Scott but way too many nonsense articles. Seems like you just want to be a celebrity at times

Gregory Ellison said...

Have you considered how much influence that many loyal viewers could potentially impact issues if we all mobilized? People of earth (and welcome visitors) consider helping this site continue to amaze by contributing to newer computer equipment for Scott. I really dont think he would have mentioned it if it was not truly needed. I have no doubt it will be put to good use, Scott has proven that and more. So check out the sight, and see where you can help raise the donations needed. For those anong us blessed with the ability to help in a small way, it would take no time to reach the goal if we all help. Thanks again Scott, still and always a daily destination. Greg

Lizzie said...

Love your site Scott and have no doubt that you will have convinced many skeptics with your post.

Your passion for UFOs has inspired me to start an astrobiology course at Edinburgh Uni.

Thnkyou so much and keep up the great work.
Liz x

Michael Dougherty said...

Congrats on the page views.

But there is a HUGE difference in page views and "readers".

4 million different people didn't click on this blog.

Either your ego is getting in the way, or, you ACTUALLY think 4 million page views is "readers". Which would mean you are incredibly stupid.

Then again, you think rocks are alien sculptures...so who knows.

Michael Dougherty said...

I'm a loyal reader.

But my thoughts don't count.

Scott Waring said...

Then be nice and stop attacking others and me.

Scott Waring said...

Hi Lizzie, I will try. You are taking an astrobiology class? I didn't know universities offered such things. I have taken Astrophysics 501 and breezed through it like as if I were in love. I'm sure you will feel the same in astrophysics. I envy you being able to do that.

Scott Waring said...

I did mobilize readers last year when NASA tried to stop allowing the public to watch the live space station cam. We changed their minds in less that 24 hours with all the emails and tweets. So yeah, it can happen, but only on rare occasions does that happen. I was just lucky to be part of it once.

Lizzie said...

Its a fairly new short online course run by Charles Cockell.
He's a professor of Astrobiology at Edinburgh University. I should imagine it's accessible to anyone anywhere in the world and its free. Right uo your street I should imagine.I'm trying to figure out a way to send you the link ?

Lizzie said...

The course is called..
Astrobiology and the search for extraterrestrial life. Edinburgh University.

Carole Andrea said...

I just love you site Scott . I want to thank you for keeping us all informed !

Spirit Bear said...

Thank you Scott. I check your site almost every morning for the last few years. Just really love the way you report the news, it is very unique and also entertaining and scientific at the same time. Keep doing what you do.

Scott Waring said...

Hey thank you. Every morning? Wow, that so cool. Well, I will try hard to keep you coming back. Any recommendations to make things more interesting, or topics I should be covering that I might be missing?

Edgar U said...

Nice Scott!! As always keep it up!

@tumblr Ufo-the-truth-is-out-there said...

Congratulations....you deserve it and your site speaks for its self. your always my first stop to check the latest ufo news,

Michael Dougherty said...

I do owe you an apology.

I can often be mean spirited here, but this is a topic I am very passionate about.

I guess when some of my perfectly reasonable posts got blocked, I became a bit venomous.

Don't ignore people that dont always agree with you. There have been many things I have said that can make this a better site, and you a better researcher.

Anyway, my apologies for rudeness.

Kathporf Martins said...

Hi Scott, Congratulation. Every day I read your blog.Keep up your work. We love it.
Best regards from Down Under

Spirit Bear said...

Just keep doing what you are, it is perfect. We all have to join forces and contribute in any way we can to push for full disclosure (ETS, free energy, advance heeling, ...) and the financial reset. Thank you again.

Spirit Bear said...

Thank you Lizzie for this info. My son and I have also signed up. It sounds awesome and am looking forward to start.

Ska Rocker said...

Keep them coming Scott. We really miss your imaginary planet/Rock faces. This site is always good for a laugh amongst us serious ufologists.

Ska Rocker said...

Hi Scott, don't forget all of us laughing at you and NOT with you at all these seriously immature and pathetic UFO posts on this site. I visit every day for a laugh, in three years I've not seen one convincing report. Give us adults, non crazy people we can really see as EVIDENCE. Bet you can't.

nova** said...

See, that wasn't so hard Mr Dougherty. Feels different to be a bit humble huh? So awesome of you for that long overdue apology to Mr Waring and all..kudos to ya for that.

nova** said...

Congrats Mr Waring! Love your site!.Your dedication to keep us informed is greatly appreciated. Thanx!

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