October 20, 2016

Metallic structure with cross and small skull found on Mars, Oct 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Oct 19, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:  http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/192223

 I found an triangle building on Mars today. Its got what looks like a cross on its side and there is a slight opening below it, as if the shiny side is a bit open, not fully closed. I believe this shiny side will open up like a garage door would. 

I also found a small skull, about the size of a squirrels skull and another sculpture of several faces smoothed together in a unique way. 

Just a few finds that I though I would share with you. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Excellent. Had to mention this if you remember what i said about the Asian culture, i just watched the president of chinas ufo organization explain to congress hearing about how they are Decended from dragon and the true origin of Dragon come from space and then directly said Chinese originate from space where Dragon placed them here. I think its from the big disclosure hearing a couple yrs ago. I can't remember exactly what he said but this was his first sentence to the panel.

  2. YouTube channel is DISCLOSE.TV video title is BREAKING ITS OFFICIAL CHINA CONFIRMS EXISTENCE OF UFO ...... 4 October 2016 so it might be new information ! Did you check out ESA photo of Jupiter NIBIRU and its 3moons yet from BPEARTHWATCH?

  3. Before MARS was destroyed they probably witnessed those glowing crosses in the sky like weve seen them here and like typical uneducated beings thought it was a god?

  4. Nice find Scott. That is really interesting and hard to deny. Straight lines and a cross. Clearly intelligent design. Much more convincing than various rocks that people may or may not 'see' something in.

    1. Hey thanks, yeah that metallic door was a surprise to me too.

  5. So do this alleged cross has to have a a ahhum RELIGIOUS significance that someone OR org more than likely thats connected w/ NASA wants some of us here to subconsciously believe via possible PHOTO SHOPPING NASA rover image's???

    Do anyone here envision a religous msg via this image im kindly asking, well I DONT, & personally i think its a PHOTO SHOPED image of a cross on some intelligent made object in the mars scene, i also feel that theres insidious forces that lurks w/in the Sec/Gov't shawdows thats now aware of the popularity of these NASA mars rover image's & now are taking advantage of your or i should say some of your thought processes to think in "Guided Controled Ways", OR simply put "MIND CONTROL" via "Guided Imagery" to have some of you but fortunately not all of you to think subconsciously of a Jesus conn to this rover pic discovery & & & possibly more images to come UC...

    Theres numerous statue remains of mostly non cacasoid looking & human animal hybrid humanoid looking individuals on mars surface to be visualy obfuscated included, UC religion thats practiced down here was not known on ancient mars, a martian humaniod cultural diversity that forces in global control here on this world do not want the masses of earth educated about, such as learning to harness ones own electro chemistry to where you could literally levitate, discharging electro static energy from your hands & finger tips for healing or defense, telekinesis, RV'ing, physical bi location remote healing or simply put, ancient "Advanced Humanoid Beings" that our present dumb down earthly behinds would consider as gods, so now do UC why the martian pic obfuscation techniques is vitally needed by forces beyond NASA's control, im not shoving this down anyones already made up opinionated mindsets but take time to consider the thought...

    The clock is ticking, ill rewind it if need be OK. 😎