Eyewitness describes conversation with Area 51 employee, Aug 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: Aug 14, 2016

This is an interesting conversation about the greys, and the more violent taller brown aliens. The brown alien he talks about is the same one you see in the movie Fire In The Sky. At least 90% of what he tells us is true. He tries his best to describe the propulsion of the UFOs, and describe how they move from place to place. Its not a worm hole he is describing. Its zero point energy. It may be powered by element 115, that is still uncertain, but how the craft moves as such a high rate of speed is zero point energy, which is evident from the tilt, and from Astronaut Edgar Mitchell's emails, and Bob Lazars thorough explanation of the UFOs movement. The UFO will actually tilt so that it can move like a child on a slide. Zero point energy is an area tag Astronaut Edgar Mitchell worked in and said was brought here by the alien so that we can get rid of fossil fuels...his words, not mine. 
Scott C. Waring 

Eyewitness states:
A retired area 51 worker spills his guts when he was piss face drunk to me on what he saw.


  1. Zero point energy or Free Energy thats been recently theorized to accumulate needed power for most ET craft...

    After reviewing this presentation this individual seems very coherent in explaining what he described a alleged former A-51 employee that was under the influnce of a mind altering substance was indicating to him that to me just might have some plausibility, however being as reckless as the former A-51 employee had seemed to exibit that was telling this gentleman this story & being drunk also im wondering now if the former A-51 employee have been watched by A-51 intell & is still around UC or dont C or in other words Pushin Daisys.🌹😕👽😎

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  3. When i corresponded with him last week he straight repeated he wasn't sure what to think so he either is an excellent clickbaiter or really just wondering , i believe the latter.

  4. Scott do a us all a favor a monitor this A hole 2QIK4U, the SoB is trying a TROLL MOVE on some of us here for some strange covert reason.


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