October 5, 2016

UFO Over Guangzhou, China Causes Traffic On Freeway To Come To A Stop, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

 Close up of UFO below with added contrast to make it stand out. 

Date of sighting: April 11. 2016
Location of sighting: Guangzhou, China

Here is a cool sighting I found, but it dates back to April of this year and has never been seen outside of Asia yet. 

A man and woman in the car come to a stop and they are heard saying "Fay-de-aya," which means UFO in Chinese. She then says to get out and record it, which he agrees is a good idea. 

A crowd builds up in the middle of a highway in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. The street quickly becomes a parking lot on both sides as many people get out of the cars and start recording the UFO with their cell phones. 

If you turn up the volume at the end of the video, you can easily hear a man up ahead panicking suddenly, which causes his girlfriend to scream in fear. Yes, Asians do get more afraid of the unknown than Americans...its a cultural thing you will notice if you ever travel to Asia. The video flashes and then stops, probably because it came to the end of its 3 min loop that many car cams have in Asia (mine does). At the end of every 3 minutes, it saves and on SD card and records a new one. 

Overall this is a fantastic example of big UFO over China. Why don't we see more videos of it? Because it takes a brave person to post something unknown on the internet that might get you and your family arrested in China, since the Chinese government probably considers such videos to be top secret, and a threat to their national security. 

I also noticed, if you make if full screen, that the UFO wobbles as its moving, much like the old 1950s movies. It is a disk, so perhaps the disk is spinning as it moves, as many have been reported to do. 

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

Eyewitness states:
Driving camera recorders a large crowd of people recording a UFO flying over Guangzhou. A car driving recorder captured a thriller, UFO was suspected, but the unknown flying objects in the air scared the crowd.


  1. Love the site. I'm a huge skeptic, but have had enough strange things occur that I can't dismiss anything. Mass sightings and military anecdotes are the most convincing to me. I don't always agree with what you post, but its all very intriguing. There is one thing that makes me think this is fake, and I'd like your and your subscribers' take on it. At the 0:11-0:12 mark, as the car with the cam comes to a stop, the UFO moves with the lurching of the vehicle perfectly. Notice it goes up and down slightly as the car lurches to a stop. if it were real, the camera would move, yes, but the UFO shouldn't change its position in the sky. I'm not sure what the people in the video were actually looking at, but i am skeptical it was a UFO.

  2. Seems a bit fake to me and a bit of a set up video , but this is just my humble opinion

  3. A portable telescope with wider apature is needed in combination of cellphones for massive zoom with resolution. Interesting how nobody is allowed to build these.

  4. @ Ian McMahon, I was about to point out the same thing. Definitely a fake because nothing else in the background does it.

  5. @ Ian McMahon, I was about to point out the same thing. Definitely a fake because nothing else in the background does it.

  6. @ Ian McMahon, I was about to point out the same thing. Definitely a fake because nothing else in the background does it.

  7. I have been making video of energy beings since the 90's It is my opinion they are fallen angels. However some of what I've captured on video are life forms indigenous to earth. They are very bright light creatures and they interact as I video them. Paul Benewitz also discovered them in the 70's and went mad.

  8. I noticed something that seems odd to me. the people in the car are taking a video, they say "ufo" and decide to stop, get out and record a video. you see them stop, get out to record their video, yet the video in the car continues to record them getting out as if it is a police dash cam or something. that doesn't make sense.