November 22, 2016

πŸ‘½ Glowing Alien Orb Appears And Disappears In Just 3 Seconds On NASA Space Cam, Nov 2016, UFO Sighting News πŸ‘½

Date of sighting: Nov 16, 2016
Location of sighting: Near Sun

This is just crazy. This this planet is gigantic like our sun, but if you watch it carefully, its rotation is incredibly fast, unlike our sun. Which means this is not our sun or a reflection of it. This is another object. 

Brought to my attention by Streetcap1 of Youtube, this is crazy cool, and yet bewildering at the same time.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is very close to the satellite taking the videos, so this is probably just 100 meters across about. It is either a energy ship...not solid at all, or an alien entity orb. Remember the alien entity over Dome of Rock? It was about 15-20 meters across and pure white light. Thats what we see here, but ITS LOOKING RIGHT AT THE SATELLITE!!!  Notice the giant face yet? Two eyes, a nose, mouth, chin? Yeah...its a live and its eternal because its in energy form. I call this an alien...others might call it an angel, demon or god. It doesn't matter. Its alive! In the video, the face slowly rotates as if its turning to look at the NASA satellite. 
Scott C. Waring

Streetcap1 states: 
I have never seen a Planet appear and disappear before. For NASA to pretend it's the Sun is just nuts. The Sun's CME's are still visible at the left of the picture even when this object appears. Also the ufo fleet is on one frame just prior to all this happening. Streetcap1.



  1. Whole video malfunctions with orb appearing, so a glitch of some kind. But what would cause such an interesting and specific glitch?

  2. Is this genuine footage, I hope so as I like streetcaps work, very strange isn't it.

    1. Yes it's genuine, I don't believe Nasa's explanation and neither do a lot of Scientists. I know how to search these Nasa/Esa sites for anomalies. This is not the Sun. I have linked photos in the past and they have been changed within 12 hours. They are not honest, so I cannot trust them at all. Checkout my latest Massive Cigar Ufo video Ozzy.

  3. Its proven its the sun allready. Do your research b4 putting this up

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  5. I was a fan for the longest on here. Now im disappointed of the fake stories uou been letting go on here. Cause when stuff is debunked you still run with it. Its sad. Their is alot of genuine real stuff out in this world. But your taking away the credit you were once earning. And i know your not gonna put this comment on. Proves my point

  6. Much respect to u and your workπŸ‘