November 6, 2016

Please help me raise some money to get a new faster computer for this site. Thanks SCW

Hi, I have signed up at Indiegogo and am hoping to get some help at getting a new computer for this site. My computer is falling apart and often gives me trouble and even losing posts entirely before I post them. I would like to make a forum on this site and a server for the reporting system, but I need a faster computer to handle the data. Please help us by making a donations at the site below. 

Thanks my friends. 
Scott C. Waring-UFO Sighting Daily


  1. Just add ads to your site and with 40,000 hits per day you will have your money.

  2. Adverts Scott. No pop ups or intrusive adverts etc. just a nice little advert here and there. You have to cover the site costs.

  3. You've already raise over $1,000. It's 2016. You can buy an extremely fast computer for less than $1,000. You don't need a fucking server to run a blog.

    Cash out the $1,400 you've raised and go buy a new computer.

  4. Hey Scott, I found my PC on Amazon for $50. Look at the used PCs - you can find a pretty good one for little price! I will look for you.

  5. Here is one - $95 (
    Look like there are lots to choose from.