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I created a Paypal donate area today in case some want to help me out. UFO Sighting News.

Hey guys, I was told by a Youtube subscriber that I should really have a donate button available for people to help me out. She said I don't have to be doing all this alone, that there are others who want to contribute by donating to me. I guess this is a good idea. I really could use the financial help. So I made a area so you can click on this link and donate any amount you wish. Even $1 helps out. You guys are the best, and have always been very supportive of me and my work. So I think its time I ask for a little help, so I can do more research more deeply and more hands on with IR camera equipment, computer, software and such. There are just some things I cant do without some help. 
Thank you my friends, 
Scott Waring 

I you wish to donate, please click on the link below.


Please help me to upgrade this site with a donation that would allow me to do more, post more and find more sightings and info for you.

Please helps us by donating to UFO Sightings Daily computer fund so that we can get updated and get rid of our old 7 year computer please. My old computer is fighting me all the way, but I do my best being just one person, one guy, running this site, but it gets hard. I really need your help. A dollar or five dollars would really help get us closer to our goal. Please help. 
Scott C. Waring


Please help me raise some money to get a new faster computer for this site. Thanks SCW

Hi, I have signed up at Indiegogo and am hoping to get some help at getting a new computer for this site. My computer is falling apart and often gives me trouble and even losing posts entirely before I post them. I would like to make a forum on this site and a server for the reporting system, but I need a faster computer to handle the data. Please help us by making a donations at the site below. 

Thanks my friends. 
Scott C. Waring-UFO Sighting Daily