STARGATE AWAKENS AT CERN, After Causing Massive Earthquakes In Europe, Nov 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: Nov 2016
Maker of video: BPEarthWatch

In the video BPEarthWatch states that there is a link between the current earthquakes in Italy and the CERN collider activity. I personally believe this to be true. 

If you remember when President Obama was in Norway receiving his Nobel Peace Prize, that a micro black hole opened up in the sky above his city. Coincidence...no, it was caused by CERN. If a micro black hole happened to open up below the surface, then it will eat and eat for about 3-15 minutes, just like the one over Norway, then it will disappear. That would cause the Earthquakes in Italy and other places. 

But no, it looks like CERN is purposely trying to create a stargaze, but the planet will suffer earthquakes in their failures. Sure a stargaze would be a way from one planet to another in a blink of an eye. This kind of technology could allow humans to use it as a portal to gather resources, meet other species and even conquer them, or just populate a new planet. It also allows aliens to come in from the other side to conquer us. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


  1. CERN is attempting to open a stargate.

    Prove it. Show some kind of evidence. Anything. Just one iota of proof. Something. Just one thing.

    You can't and you know it.

  2. CERN DELIBERATELY DESTROYED ITALY AND ITS 7-800 yr old churches. Naaaa OBAMA isnt a muslim destroying Christianity is he ! Grrrrr

  3. The sheer ignorance and lack of fundamental understanding of physics in this article and video is beyond shocking.

  4. There is some crazy stuff going on in space right now.

  5. Well Scott, from the top pic it looks like the movie series Star Gate Portal door imo, & my personal opinion is that for the most part this worlds top engineering egg heads is not spiritually ready for it, & indeed just hope that a ruthless cunning civilization thats eons of light yrs accross the galaxy dont come across cerns portal energy & tracks cern, they may want to take YOUR WORLD w/ its present civilizations removed ...

    And yes your absolutely right Mr Scott, a alien species just may walk & ill also add, maybe even crawl thru that portal & concure us, & if so we can only hope in this present worlds time frame it or they are benevolent In the 1st place if that happens is all.


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