November 5, 2016

Silver Surfer Like UFO Spotted In Sky Over Major City In Turkey, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 2, 2016
Location of sighting: Turkey
Original Video:

These kids were riding in a car and suddenly saw a silver human like figure moving over the tree tops. They called it the Silver Surfer...a Marvel comic book first published in the 1968. I see the resemblance for sure, but I believe its a lightning bolt shaped alien drone...a probe to scan and then be retrieved by a larger ship later. For those who still don't know who the Silver Surfer is, I will include a video of an amazing costume from Halloween one guy at bottom of post. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

Eyewitnesses state:
It was a shocking moment when a superhero silver surfer in a Marvel comic book appeared in the middle of a major city. The mysterious object was two car driving Ai Erkan? Alec and Halil? Kagera found that when it is traveling in the north-west of Turkey's fourth largest city Bursa over.


Manutd78 said...

It's a silver long balloon.

2QIK4U said...

Gday again. Want to see HD nasa esa video footage of a mars alien moving freely crystal clear? Got to youtube channel IGOR KRYAN title of vid is MIND BLOWING MARS ALIEN FOOTAGE.... Skip to 2:45 Two minutes forty five seconds and try and figure out if this is living prehistoric type plant life with intelligence OR a tentacle arm of an alien being... Blowaway capture from NAZAs own video..... Enjoy let me know what you think..

2QIK4U said...

Oh and a bit of your own work is in this video to but that isnt why i tell you.. After you see the creature its your decision to copyright strike mate but i dont think its your style mate.. Take care.

Michael Dougherty said...

What in the 9 hells.

Why in any capacity would anyone think that tentacle at 2:45 is remotely real?

Oh my god. How can people be so gullible?

Steph said...

Are we really saying that everything on this video from Mr Krian is real footage from space agencies? Cause if this is all real, WOW...but not completely sure

Jonny Cooke said...

I think you need to lay off the crack for a little while 😋 that video is about as real as my 20 wives 😉

Manutd78 said...

It's a silver balloon for the second time

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