December 24, 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson Appears To Be Working For US Govt To Hide Alien Existence, Dec 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Neil deGrasse Tyson appears to attempt and fail at debunking a US Navy pilot and his testimony with footage of a UFO. He also says the head of the secret pentagon program has no clue about aliens. 

Its clear to Secureteam10 of Youtube and to me that this man is being used by the US govnement or CIA to hide and downplay the existence of aliens. The US gov is known for using Hollywood types all the way back to Lucy Ball in the 1950s, so this is not a new tactic. NASA used Billy Nye to try to debunk aliens, but failed too much, they even tried to use Stephen Hawkings, which after 5 years of denying the existence of aliens finally in 2017 came out and said there may be aliens and they may destroy us. The US gov is using these people and more to try to control the publics interest, and down play it, thinking the public are a bunch of idiotic fools that can be mentally controlled by the government. Chance of him working with the US gov 98%. 2% chance he is just clueless. 
Scott C. Waring



Hope someone beats the daylights out of this liar

can said...

If an obvious lie is repeated enough times, the masses tend to believe it.

can said...

If the masses knew the truth they would quit strip mining etc. which is the whole point: heavy metal extraction.

2QIK4U said...

I said this a decade ago. The asian guy is bigger cia disinfo but forgot his name suddenly, and of course bill nye is so shill they had to stop using him. Ive always said STEVE GRIER HAS A BAD PIZZA HABIT AND GIVES OFF BAD AURAS. Never trust any so called expert. Look up on utoob when Smokin de grass tyson was asked WHAT IS GRAVITY ? Your the expert compared to these frauds. I started calling research ufology to get away from earth but the deeper secrets i find, the more it keeps bringing me back to earth caused. What was Mulder and Scullys first rule? TRUST NO ONE. Especially the ones we're taught to look up to. @STREETCAP1 enjoying my photo?

Anonymous said...

The existence of E.T. is a mathematical certainty now that we know the number of stars out there, which might have habitable planets we know this today. This doesn't mean we've got proof e.t. exists though either. And I'm skeptical E.T. visits Earth too. Simply because our own galaxy, let alone the entire known Universe, is well a really big place.

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