Elon Musk To Send Tesla Roadster Into Mars Orbit Next Month For 1,000 Year Orbit, Dec 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Many people keep asking me why would Elon Musk send his personal Tesla Roadster into orbit around Mars for 1,000 years? 
Well, the answer is quite simple actually. He is a @#$#ing genius.

1. Send roadster on rocket. 
2. Rocket deploys Roadster in orbit around Mars.
3. Becomes 1st car manufacture in orbit ever, let alone into space!
4. Enters all history books worldwide. Free advertising.
5. Enters all space and science books worldwide. Free advertising.
6. 1,000 year orbit with live cam...equals 1,000 years of free Tesla advertising. 

Oh, and one more thing, let me predict this...when the Tesla Roadster is released from the rocket in Mars orbit...Tesla Motors stock will double or triple in price. So...buy it now.

Thus, Tesla becomes worlds biggest most famous car manufacturer. Now, is that a foolish thing to do? I think not. Its upper level thinking. Elon Musk plans 1,000 years into the future. 
Scott C. Waring 


  1. note to US govt. release Leonard Peltier NOW. wnt to see it on the news immkinently-or alien info will be given to...''the force. you know whats going to happen-the phoenix lights are going to take over the grids.

  2. Musk is another masonic fraud scott. :( Go back and look at his massive Vacuum tube fraud mate. And study the illuminati religion and the symbolism will become clear. Buzz aldrin (33 ) is another masonic example. Look at the disgraceful tweets he made saying that his "top secret" Delivery of iridium was really a nuclear ufo from nth korea! Masonry mocking is expected during a psychological operation to fool us. You would get more truth from flathead B.O.B in helping him launch a satellite to see earth. They have so much garbage in orbit real photos of earth would be covering it in garbage. Any great story still do your background checks as usual. After musk created PAYPAL its rumour he created bitcoin Which the NSA also thinks. PLEASE REMIND EVERYONE THAT TRUMP HAS NOT DISCLOSED ALIENS- ITS PODESTA AND DEEP STATE PENTAGON

  3. รงa me rappel une B.D. parue dans mรฉtal hurlant il y as 40 ans, comme quoi ...

  4. You know what I find interesting Scott? You made this post at 11:11. I've been on a very interesting path towards reaching spiritual enlightenment and one of the 1st things I've learned is the importance of numbers and number sequences and and how significant times coincide with significant facts that will come to light at 11:11, 11:01, 11:10. Hence, you posted this at 11:11! I think this is probably the most powerful and eye opening posts yet. Synchronization at its finest

  5. IL di UFO ist zein sill fumeur. Flunk dio me spill Alio Mars Orbit. Covfefe cad groje si ist UFO knobend. Trump know truth he speak his mind like we do.

  6. The camera will only be operational for 12 hours or so, which is sad. :(


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