I Sent Two Novels Into Space To Include Them Into Alien Libraries!

Eventually in time books and paper will fade and crumble, CDs and computers will age and be thrown away, yet radio waves in space will travel for millions and billions of years, making our words and thoughts immortal. Think about it. My novels could be read by a new unknown species far away, another place, another time! Its like sending your information through a time machine into the future.

My name is Scott C। Waring and on December 17, 2008 and January 11, 2009 I sent my two novels Georges Pond and Wests Time Machine, into deep space making them the first ever novels in the world to ever by shot into space in word perfect format, including photographs of the front and back covers. Understand that at this very minute they are traveling at the speed of light across the universe. That means they are traveling 186,000 miles per second, yet in one day it will travel over 16 billion miles and in one full year it will have traveled over 5.8 trillion miles! Now that is something to crow about. I also plan to do this with my next two novels, Dragons of Asgard.

To accomplish this I went to http://www.talk2ets.com/। They are a fantastic company that offers to send up to 2MB of information + 1000 words more for a small price. They us the most current satellite technology using satellite-to-space technology for sending info. They use a six meter parabolic reflector dish and a powerful 500+ watt BUCs (block up-converters) to accomplish the transmission. They took my two novels and coupled it to a carrier wave that they believe is most likely to be noticed by any intelligent technologies around the universe. They not only send the information, but they sent it four times, once every six hours so that it covers all directions, giving my book the greatest chance of being noticed by an intelligent species out there!
Why do you think that organizations like CETI spend millions of dollars per year listening and hoping to hear a message from another planet? They clearly believe there is life out there and so do I. Take for instance the Arecibo message which was sent by SETI and beamed upon frequency modulated radio waves into deep space during a celebration of the remodeling of the Arecibo Radio Telescope, in Puerto Rico. It happened in November 17, 1974. The message described humans, their DNA and mathematics. August of 2001, a response came in the form of two mysterious crop circles just a few meters from the Arecibo Radio Telescope, which looked similar to the message sent. Within the crop circles, some slight changers were made. The message said the aliens has a total population of 21.3 billion. Also instead of a human figure, it had a short body with a large head and two large dark eyes. On top of that, there was also some change in the basic DNA structure of the message from the ET. It had an additional third strand shown on the left and also a change in the number of nucleotides indicates a different DNA to ours. The signal, transmitted at 2380 megahertz with a duration of 169 seconds, delivered an effective power of 3 trillion watts, the strongest man-made signal ever sent.
Sending messages into space is a fun way to let other species aware that you know they exist, and to let them know, you exist too!

Please have a look at my novels Wests Time Machine, and Georges Pond.

Wests Time Machine Novel: http://www.amazon.com/Wests-Time-Machine-Scott-Waring/dp/0595418872
Georges Pond Novel: www.amazon.com/Georges-Pond-Created-Tradition-Charlottes/dp/0595421350