Poem: Our Longing By Scott C. Waring o_O

Our Longing A Poem by SCW.

Fumes of a passing bus,

traffic lights dictating our future,

horns honking in protest –

these are the streets we walk everyday.

A concrete labyrinth which we call home,

a place in our hearts that cages us within cement walls

from the vast unpredictability of the city.

More and more we come to depend on

the convenience of getting dreams now.
Patience sticks to our shoes only

to be wiped off with a disgusted look of irritancy.

Now is the time, for what doesn’t matter,

but now is the time nevertheless and so we must have,

must desire, must yearn for it until it is ours.

Our longing focuses on the possession in the window that comes with a guarantee to cure our woes and fill our emptiness within.
We stop and gaze at a price tag, weighing the financial loss against the emotional gain.
It might as well have a sign that reads happiness on sale now.

Our fear of losing what we don’t even have begins to take control.

To not buy is to not have

and to not have is to yearn deeply for,

but that’s okay because we will never dive that deeply

within ourselves for fear of the creatures that swim at such depths.