April 27, 2010 brings dry season and UFO sighting to farmer.

Most recent UFOs could be 'hoping to colonize' 

April 27th, 2010 

IT SEEMS explorers and dim travelers are by all account not the only life-frames that return toward the Northern Territory for the beginning of the dry season. 

There has been a spate of UFO sightings over the NT in the previous week and prominent Acacia Hills UFO spotter Alan Ferguson said the UFOs were back in his fix on Sunday night - the first occasion when they had been seen since last dry season. 

"They are back, child," he said. 

"It's dependably the way, directly on prompt. The dry season begins and there they are. They resemble the dark wanderers. When the dry season comes, you can't dispose of them." 

Mr Ferguson said his most recent locating came as a brilliant white light that flashed past his home about 8pm on Sunday. "It just resembled the International Space Station - a major white light," he said. 

"When it moves crosswise over it would seem that a satellite, with the exception of it's colossal. 

"It's the very same thing that I saw right now a year ago." 

Mr Ferguson's most recent locating pursues another at Howard Springs on Friday. Susan Clarke said she and her family saw a "colossal round article" moving gradually over the night sky about 8pm. 

"It was gleaming red, orange and gold - none of us had ever observed anything like it previously," she said. 

Our UFO spotters have the support of one of the world's top physicists in their conviction life exists past planet Earth. 

Educator Stephen Hawking said for the current week executioner outsiders do exist and could clear out mankind. 

"We just need to see ourselves to perceive how wise life may form into something we wouldn't have any desire to meet," he said. "I envision they may exist in gigantic boats, having spent every one of the assets from their home planet. 

"Such propelled outsiders would progress toward becoming travelers, hoping to overcome and colonize planets they reach."

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