China university students video UFO sighting on March 27, 2010.

Students of a technical college in the northern Chinese city of Harbin have found themselves in the spotlight after recording what they think might be a UFO of extraterrestrial origin on March 27th at around 9pm (see photo below).

The Chinese media has extensively reported on the incident over the last week.
The sudents, who has stayed behind on the campus late at night were about to leave when they noticed a large, bright, blue craft or object hovering above them. One of the students, Mr Yong, was able to capture the event on his mobile telephone camera. Mr Yong is convinced that the UFO he saw and filmed was an alien spaceship.
In the last month UFO sightings in China have increased dramtaically, further enforcing the belief amongst many Chinese citizens that aliens are taking an increasing interest in their nations future.

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