UFO probe circling what looks like a power station.

An extra-ordinary piece of footage has come to light(see video below) that seems to show what appears to be a small UFO or an unmanned UFO probe circling what looks like a power station. The unstable UFO hovers in the vicinity of the station before zooming off at breakneck speed.
Not much is known about the video, which might have been secretly taken by a government employee, other than the fact that it was probably taken in the Central Asian Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has a rich history of UFO sightings and UFO history. A number of UFOs are said to have crashed in Kazakhstan's territory and recently that nation's government toyed with the idea of creating an alien embassy and UFO landing base. The head of Khazakstan's space agency, Talgat Musabayev, is a staunch believer in alien visitation to Planet earth.

The UFO seen in this video is consistent with leaked information from ex-government employees claiming a race from Andromeda Galaxy is sending probes to monitor humanity and conflict on Earth.

Video at:
UFO near electrical station in Kazakhstan

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