England UFO fireball mystery deepens 8 April, 2010, photos.

England UFO fireball mystery deepens 8 April, 2010.

OUR recent story about a Culloden man who claims to have seen a UFO four times between Nairn and Inverness has sparked more reports of similar mysterious sightings about the same time.

Some readers have been dismissive of the whole phenomenon of UFOs, but several have backed up Mr Jackson's claims that there is something strange going on in the sky at night.

Mr Jackson's first sighting was at Nairn on Valentine's Day when he stopped his van in Grantown Road to observe a spherical shaped fireball about the size of a helicopter or truck cab.

The following night, he went out with his mother to the same spot and on their way back to Culloden they spotted the same orange light travelling at speed along the coastline over the Moray Firth..

He had further sightings in Inverness on February 27 and again over the Moray Firth at Nairn Links on March 6.

One couple claimed the sighting on Valentine's Day was a love lantern they had set off in the Cairngorm mountains and another reader has contacted us to say that with her boyfriend she set off a love lantern from the Firhall bridge at Nairn which is only a few hundred yards from where Rob made his first sighting.

But another Inverness couple, Wendy Mackenzie and Jack Watson, contacted our website and said they had seen the fireball UFO in the sky..

Wendy said: "We were taking in the washing - yes, in the dark - and looked up to see a ball of fire travelling from west to east above Scorguie. It came over Craig Phadrig and headed out along the Moray Firth..

"Never seen anything like it. We simply can't explain it. No noise, completely silent and travelling in a straight line..

"My parents also told us about having seen the same sort of thing about a year a ago. Very strange indeed. Certainly not a helicopter unless it was a helicopter on fire travelling in a perfectly straight line and making no noise whatsoever..

"We are not saying it is aliens but it is definitely an unidentified flying object." Another reader, Mel, wrote: "I wish people would stop dismissing all orange UFOs as Chinese lanterns..

"I have seen the same thing, at County Durham, England. It was not a lantern, or a helicopter..

"My fiancé was in the army 16 years, and he has seen most types of aircraft, and he cannot explain what it was that we saw but it was certainly not a lantern, helicopter, or any of the usual aircraft..

"It was orange, glowing from the centre outward, moving very fast, and at least 50 feet in diameter..

"We stopped our car, got out, and it flew over the top of us before accelerating, at high speed, in an upward direction." Many people are reluctant to have their name linked with UFO sightings and one anonymous couple have reported a sighting over the Cromarty Firth on Monday, February 15.

What they described was a huge fireball passing close to the oil rig Arctic Two which is anchored in the firth.

The fireball arrived from a southerly direction, travelling at a high speed almost level with the top of the oil rig..

The couple's first reaction was it was a light aircraft or helicopter but then the "apparition" seemed to dive at an angle of 45 degrees into the water halfway between the rig and shoreline..

The couple said they had seen some of the comments rubbishing Mr Jackson's claims on our website and for that reason want to remain anonymous.

So concerned were they at what they had seen they contacted Dingwall police who dismissed it as a Chinese lantern.

"Even so, we still had difficulty in totally accepting that was what we'd seen..

"We then looked the lanterns up on the net and it didn't really appear to be the same." Southport author Pat Reagan, who has a new book about to come out entitled UFO: Search For The Truth , has carried out research into MoD files.

He said he was a semi-sceptic until he started getting involved in the subject and added: "I have received many calls with reports of sightings from people and very often it is the case that it is Chinese lanterns which have been seen..

"But Chinese lanterns are very flimsy and we have reports of these unidentified flying objects keeping up against strong headwinds and keeping pace with cars along coastal roads, so clearly these are not lanterns.

"In my new book I have a story about a 900-year-old skull which was found in New Mexico and geneticists have found non-human DNA from one of the parents. It has been the subject of a study known as the Starchild Project and it's been on-going now for 10 years..

"There are a lot of incredible things out there and we need to keep an open mind." AMATEUR photographer Susan Gilchrist caught this picture travelling on the road from Nairn to Croy on February 20 at sunset.

"I would never be dismissive of people who report UFOs. But this was I think a trick of light caused by the setting sun through the trees," said Susan, a reception manager at a dental practice in Inverness.

"I had been out for the day taking photographs at Findhorn Bay and I was travelling back home near the straight approaching Croy village when I stopped to take this picture. It would have been between 4 and 5pm..

"I put it on my Facebook site and it caused quite a stir.

"Some of my colleagues said they thought it looked like a bus and I should have called on Mulder and Scully from The X-Files to investigate." Susan added: "It's funny how people see things differently. I would never knock people who report UFOs. They obviously see things which are unexplained. I can't explain this one but it was a strange phenomenon which I can only put down to the setting sun through the trees."

Source: http://www.highland-news.co.uk/news/fullstory.php/aid/7267/UFO_fireball_mystery_deepens_.html

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