Motorist swerved into bus land 'to avoid UFO', 9 Apr 2010, England.

Motorist swerved into bus land 'to avoid UFO', 9 Apr 2010.

A motorist fined for straying into a bus lane claimed he swerved to avoid a UFO, according to a list of bizarre excuses used by errant drivers.

The man was given a £120 fine after being caught on camera veering into the bus lane to dodge a traffic queue.
But instead of paying up the driver claimed that he was 'forced' to swerve into the bus lane to avoid an alien spaceship which was 'hurtling towards him' in Southwark, south London.

He told parking appeals bosses that he would 'never normally' use a bus lane, but that he had to take 'avoidance action' to swerve the UFO.
Parking chiefs rejected his appeal, telling him the camera did not catch the UFO, and forced him to stump up the fine.
Other bizarre claims revealedby Southwark Council include a motorist who told them he wasn't liable for a parking fine because he was colour blind and thought a yellow line was blue.
He told parking appeals officials that because of his disability he had 'no idea' that parking was restricted.

Again, his appeal was rejected on the grounds that 'everybody knows not to park on double lines, regardless of colour'.
Other motorists tried to avoid fines by saying they were asleep in their car and were taking Government road safety advice by taking a break rather than 'drive tired'.

Another said that he thought you could park anywhere when it was raining and yet another said they had 'no idea' what a residential parking bay was.

Gill Davies, the parking chief of Southwark Council, said : "The imagination of some of the drivers is quite impressive.
"But UFOs and colour blindness unfortunately do not count as legitimate reasons to overturn a parking ticket."

Motorist Sam Brockwell, 45, said he lost his appeal after parking his car in a bus lane when his pet cat escaped from its cage as he took it to the vet.

He said: "My cat managed to get out of the carry cage and tried to jump on my lap as I drove, so I pulled over in the bus lane for a second to put him back in his box.

"I got a £120 fine and I can't say I was happy about it."

The council issued more than £6m in parking fines last year - more than than the cities of Manchester and Birmingham combined, who notched up £4m between them.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/ufo/7570249/Motorist-swerved-into-bus-land-to-avoid-UFO.html

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