Gary Mckinnon, hero to Ufologists & astrobiologists around the world, FREE GARY!

First I would like to say a few words...by SCW. Free Gary Mckinnon! Free Gary Mckinnon! Free Gary Mckinnon! Free Gary Mckinnon! Free Gary Mckinnon! Free Gary Mckinnon! Free Gary Mckinnon! Free Gary Mckinnon! he is a brave and thoughtful person who did it not for himself, but for humanity.

Gary McKinnon with Janis Sharp
UFO hacker Gary McKinnon’s mum to stand against Jack Straw

THE mum of an autistic man wanted in the US on computer hacking charges is to stand for election in the Blackburn constituency of justice secretary Jack Straw.

Janis Sharp, from Brookmans Park, said she blamed Mr Straw for pushing through the UK’s controversial extradition treaty with the US, which could see her son Gary McKinnon sent to America to face trial.
If convicted of hacking, Asperger’s sufferer Gary, 44, could face up to 60 years in a federal prison.

Janis, who has fought an eight year battle to keep her son in the UK, will be standing as an independent candidate at the General Election and said she will be providing a voice for civil liberties.

Last year Home Secretary Alan Johnson said he could NOT block Gary’s extradition to the US on mental health grounds.

A judicial review of his decision will be take place at the High Court in London on May 25 and 26.

Prosecutors in America allege that Gary caused nearly £500,000 worth of damage to military computers in 2001 and 2002.

Glasgow-born Gary, who lives in North London, admits hacking but maintains he was looking for evidence of alien life.

Source: http://www.whtimes.co.uk/news/ufo_hacker_gary_mckinnon_s_mum_to_stand_against_jack_straw_1_212783

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