May 15, 2010 Powell, Ohio USA, UFO sighting of red pulsing V-shape.

May 15, 2010 - red/yellow object, that pulsed as it flew slowly in night sky. v-shaped. MUFON Case # 23307.

At about 9:35 pm this evening (est) we (family and friends) saw an unusual light in the north west sky.

it appeared to be like a burning object, red/yellow/orange color and the light pulsed brighter. it approached slowly and was about the size of a pencil eraser to the naked eye.

it flew to the south east and never appeared to get lower or higher in the sky. there was no sound like an airplane engine, even though it was close enough to have heard an engine.

It appeared to be somewhat v-shaped. then turned and flew off to the left into clouds. watched its flight path for about 2 minutes. sky was cloudy and no stars were visible. we saw this sighting in powell, ohio just north of columbus, ohio, usa. we have never seen anything like this before. enclosed is a photo (if blown up, shows object's shape) and a short video.

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