England UFO sighting reports of May 15, 2010.

Witness Statement: I was seeing a friend out to her car when I noticed a very bright red light shining behind the branches of a tree. I was so intrigued, I ran out further and saw an orang/red sphere shape travelling across the sky. It looked like a ball of fire. We tried to get pictures but we couldn’t locate the object on the viewfinder.
I ran in to the house and up to my son’s bedroom, where he was with 5 of his friends. They all witnessed it too. We watched it a little longer and it changed into a white glow.
When my friend arrived home, her daughter announced that she had seen a UFO. My friend hadn’t told her daughter that we had seen one in case she thought we’d gone mad.

Location of Sighting: Gillingham Dorset
Date of Sighting: 15th May 2010
Time: 10.35pm
Witness Name: Derek

Witness Statement: we arrived home at 10.30 pm on getting out of the car i saw an orange/ red circular light coming from a northerly direction quite quickly my wife then spotted it and it slowed down and changed course moving eastwards towards shaftesbury just befor it disapeared 3 more came from the same direction and changed course following the first my daughter and her partner came out to see them.The lights did not pulsate and did not fade.

Location of Sighting: Cosham, Portsmouth
Date of Sighting: 15th May 2010
Time: 20.55
Witness Name: Jon Laker, Julie Bunting, Robert Laker

Witness Statement: I was driving towards the from Paulsgrove Hilsea Roundabout, when my Partner pointed out a very fast moving orange light, this shot across the sky from the Southwest heading Northeastt. I tried to stop but lost sight of this.
On heading along the A27 towards Havant the same object was travelling somewhat slower in the opposite direction, However this time it was possible to make out what is best described as a green blob of some considerable size. There was no sign of wings etc. I really don’t know what to make of it, but my partner who is really sceptical believes that we saw something unexplainable. We all felt very odd.I really hope somebody else saw this. I’ll try to get my partner to describe the item better as I was driving and didn’t get as good a view as she did.
My 11 year old son saw this as well.

Location of Sighting: Bournmoor, Co Durham
Date of Sighting: 15 may 2010
Time: 11.45pm
Witness Name: richard & gillian graham

Witness Statement: returning home from my dog walk.i noticed in the east two red circular discs about 15degrees apart heading north, stopping then slowly moving before going into a cloud, soon another appeared within 1 minute heading north, they were not helicopters or planes as they were close enough to hear any engine noise
i am a amateur astronomer with durham society, so i am used to seeing objects in the night sky, but this is my first sighting which was unusual & that i have no explanation as to what we saw,puzzled to say the least.

Location of Sighting: polesworth,warwickshire
Date of Sighting: 15th may 2010
Time: 11.35pm
Witness Name: michelle k

Witness Statement: i looked out of our bedroom window at 11.35pm and saw a huge reddy/orange ball moving in the direction of our house,i said to my husband `what the hell is that` and we both looked out of the window to see this big mass of colour -we couldnt see what it was. and then it moved to the right and passed the house.it wasnt travelling very fast infact we were looking at it for a good 30 seconds. ive never seen anything like that before-it definatly was not a plane or anything like that!

Location of Sighting: Horley near Gatwick airport
Date of Sighting: 15.May 2010
Time: 22.50
Witness Name: mandy

Witness Statement: we have lived near Gatwick airport for many years ,what we saw last night quite made us think,at first we thought a plane was on fire after taking off,but it was this very bright ‘orange light’travelling north quite slowly at first then stopped before dissapearing,air traffic must spotted it,we’re not saying it was ‘ufo’but can’t explaine what it was.

Location of Sighting: Wilmslow, Cheshire
Date of Sighting: 15/05/10
Time: 00:20 – 00:33
Witness Name: James Barrington

Witness Statement: Last night I was lying in bed dozing off when my mum opens the door, “James, there are those lights in the sky.” Inastantly I knew what she meant. In New Years Day of this year, around the same time as this sighting (00:20 ish), myself and a friend Emma Curran had seen about eight or nine lights in the sky. Well “big deal” I might hear you say, chances are however, that if you’re looking on this website you are as confused and perplexed about what you happened to see as we all are. I digress, these lights were a mixture of gold, orange and red in colour and they moved with uniform motion towards a similar southern point in the sky. Looking south, there were apporximately six or seven of them moving southwards from a western point in the sky, all equidistant from one another. Some looked to be flying in formation by forming triangles. Two of these objects moved southwards from an easterly direction, these ones came right over my head, and what struck me at that point was these objects were perfectly silent. Eventually they all disapeared into the horizon and we spent about two hours speculating about what this could all have been. So last night, when my mum said “There are THOSE lights in the sky,” she recognised them from my descriptions of what I saw on New Years Day. My mum and dad arrived home from a party to hear me and Emma telling them stories about UFO’s – it was safe to say- they thought we were crazy. But no longer! After my mum sounding completely mystified in her tone of voice, I got up and found her at the window gibbering about these lights. Sure enough, fellow sightseers, it was the same kind of sighting as I’d had on New Years. This time it was a lot more impressive for the following reasons. There were about fifty of them in total and they all moved from a north-westerly point in the sky and disapeared into an north- easterly point in the sky. They emerged from below the horizon of land based things like trees and houses that created our horizon at the front of the house, and they passed on this trajectory with alarming regularity. All an orange, red, golden sort of colour, all completely silent, they moved with precise motion and speed, some on their own and some flying in formation making triangles among the most recognised constellation. This lasted about ten to fifteen minutes and I was stood on the drive in my boxer shorts, freezing to catch a glimpse of what can only be described as unidentified flying objects. I have never seen this many. Approximately, three or four weeks ago I saw one of them briefly for thirty seconds or more in a south easterly position in the sky quite high up – it disapeared quickly and was nothing to write home about. Last nights sighting were the best yet. These objects appeared to be flying quite low in the sky compared with aircraft, at a complete guess perhaps 5,000 – 10, 000 feet. Now since viewing these bizarre things on New Years I endeavoured to research other similar sightings on the internet. This sight contains a few other descriptions of “orange lights” and “triangles” in a few places, and youtube contains such a mixture of UFO sightings you don’t know what to believe. However, there are videos similar to mine on youtube, particularly within the Manchester/Cheshire area on New Years Eve. I would like to know whether anybody else saw this mysterious aerial display last night and perhaps got some footage on a camera. My dad tried with a small digital camera but it was to no avail, the pictures were too dark. So, there we have it – orange/red/gold lights, silent, appr. forty to fifty in number, silent, perfect speed and motion and even occassionally flying in motion.What are they? I suspect we will never know.

Location of Sighting: whitley bay tyne and wear
Date of Sighting: 15th may 2010
Time: 10.30 ish
Witness Name: emma

Witness Statement: we saw a large bright slow moving silent bright light. started of fairly slow but accelerated away towards the coast and dissapeard out of vision over the north sea. was fairly low in height and very bright and on closer inspection you occasionaly saw what looked like strobe lights or flashing coming from the top of the object. THIS OBJECT WASNT FLICKERING. WAS A CONSTANT STEADY LIGHT SOURCE AND WAS THERE LONG ENOUGH FOR US TO CAPTURE IT ON OUR VIDEO CAMERA. VERY POOR FOOTAGE BUT WE GOT IT AND ITS LEFT US BAFFLED. come on someone else must have seen this light???.@@@@@@@@@

Location of Sighting: Macclesfield, Cheshire Date of Sighting: 15 May 2010 Time: 22:00 Witness Name: David Witness Statement: I went into the back bedroom just before 10pm to shut the blind & noticed a red light in the sky to the west, climbing before being temporarily obscured by trees about 3 gardens down. It then re-emerged from behind [...]
Location of Sighting: Macclesfield, Cheshire
Date of Sighting: 15 May 2010
Time: 22:00
Witness Name: David

Witness Statement: I went into the back bedroom just before 10pm to shut the blind & noticed a red light in the sky to the west, climbing before being temporarily obscured by trees about 3 gardens down. It then re-emerged from behind the trees, following a gentle curve to the left, so heading north, still with a steady red reflected light. I estimate if it was at a height of around 10,000 feet it would have been about 5 to 10 miles away in the sky, possibly more, but that’s a very rough guess based on seeing planes climbing out of Manchester airport. It could well have been flying a lot higher than 10,000ft, however.
Unlike a plane, there were no lights – just the red light reflecting from the sunset. As it moved, slower than normal planes, I fetched the binoculars and followed it as the light slowly faded when it went into the shadow from the Earth. I briefly saw a solid, grey object, which gave me the impression of being shaped similar to a light bulb but more angular, with no light sources. It quickly faded from view as it continued north into the dark sky.
I have no idea what it could be, as all air traffic has red, white & green lights, so it wasn’t a plane. I’m also keen on aircraft and back myself to recognise different types.

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