May 20, 2010 UFO sighting in Sichuan, China as Blue craft is caught on camera.

May 20, 2010 UFO sighting in Sichuan, China as Blue craft is caught on camera.

In Chengdu a mysterious "blue flying saucer," appeared. It captured the public attention as eyewitnesses stared and wondered at what it could be.
At 08 o'clock on May 20, 2010 Source: Sichuan News Net Yin Yupei, China.

Below is the Google translation from Chinese (Best I can do sorry, SCW).

"I photographed the UFO it!" On May 19, users Zhang Jiagui scoring Sichuan News Network Hotline, excited voice said the voice from the other side of the excitement. Are there really UFO visit in Chengdu? Reporter hurried to the district where Mr. Zhang, see the section of the video captured by Mr Cheung.

"This is probably in early May my way home from work one day shoot for." Zhang Jiagui told reporters at about 20:00 or so, "I accidentally looked up and walked to see the highlights over the southeast, My first reaction to this is definitely not the stars, and then observed for a few minutes later, I think this is a flying saucer. "Zhang Jiagui then their judgments are very excited about this, flew back to the seventh floor of the house, took his sister's camera ran up the roof garden and started shooting.

Reporter in this video that started the first blue light-emitting body is a bright spot, zoom in before to see two luminous body, of which the brightest out of the two wings that change over time, and sometimes become cone-shaped, but becomes inverted when the character type, "I think it is wise in control, has been in the sky to make regular exercise, such as lever movement." Zhang Jiagui find fault than that of the drawn trajectory highlights.

"I was also seen, what I feel like a machine." Owner of a video store after seeing pictures of our players said, "what the flying saucer is also possible, perhaps that day foreign objects."

"This is the LED kite citizenship." District of a computer repair teacher Mr. Pan said after seeing the video, the two light-emitting body is one end of a kite, between two points, there must have some minor light, "now Kites are doing very high, people often misunderstand is the UFO. "

However, this argument for the PAN master, Zhangjia Gui obviously disagree, "This was sport to the two light together, light point, without bright point of the following, after a while child, bright moment that point disappear, if is a kite with the words should disappear Caidui Yeah. "Zhang Jiagui then added, in a few minutes after he shot, the sky has rained, if the kite, then host family should be collected up, then too much rain , he had to terminate the shooting, but This time of the luminous object is still the southeast sky.
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Source: http://big5.ce.cn/gate/big5/sci.ce.cn/khqg/201005/20/t20100520_21422531.shtml

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