Oregon witnesses have 7 UFO sighting, May 1, 2010.

A group of Oregon witnesses are reporting up to 7 UFOs in the sky that appeared to interact with “fighter jets” on May 1, 2010, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

OR, May 1, 2010 – we saw a bunch of ufo’s flying. MUFON Case # 23091.

it started off the night before(april 29) i had heard some weird sounds over my house and then last night me and 4 of my friends saw about 7 ufo’s flying around the sky at around 10 pm.

i was sitting inside when one of my friends who had been outside ran in and told us that he had just seen a ufo and that it had shot some kind of pod off of it.when we came out and he pointed it out we could see one big light and a little light under, so we watched it for a few minutes and then the little pod go back into the bigger one,so then scanned the skys for a minutes and found four others that looked like the first one and they were all lined up.

so after about 10 minutes of watching the ufos we could see some fighter jets flying over from the next town that has a military base(in klamath falls oregon) so they circled our town and they kept flying right towards the ufo’s but still keeping a good distance but when one of the jets got withing 400 hundred feet of one them it started to blink really fast and when they jet got about 400 hundred feet it had a flash and the jet flew off.

so we watched them for another half an hour and then on the other side of the valley we saw a light moving (same as the first one)across the sky and when it got to a darker part of the sky with no stars we started to see something blinking in that dark spot it was about 3 times faster then the jets and by the time it was about to leave we saw the jets take off after it. and then it was pretty quite for about 15 minutes and we were looking in one area of the sky and turned around to look at one of the ufo’s and when we turned back to the area sky we were looking at first we saw weird shaped clouds that wernt there 10 seconds before and they stayed they for about 10 minutes not breaking shape or moving and then we had one finale sighting when we saw a longer shaped ufo flying by with 3 lights under it and it would stall and then shoot ahead a few hundred feet and stop until it was out of sight and then by the time we all went back inside the first ufo was gone. Everyone was in shocked and i was a litlle scared because of the one that had been over my house

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