UFO sighting of 30 'flying crafts' in small London town, May 13, 2010.

UFO sighting of 30 'flying crafts' in small London town, May 13, 2010.

People have been puzzled for weeks now after residents in the small London town of Bexley witnessed strange lights in the sky that lasted for approximately 20 minutes. One witness says there were up to 30 "flying crafts."

Bexley - For centuries, astronomical amounts of people ranging from average citizens to experienced members of the armed forces to high-ranking government officials have claimed they have seen a UFO or UFOs.
Most of the sightings can be easily explained through atmospheric science, weather phenomena and other reasons but a lot of them cannot, which is why so many want to know: are there alien beings visiting planet Earth, and if so, why?
Recent Bexley UFO Sightings
On Apr. 20 and May 2, residents in the small town of Bexley outside of London, England, witnessed something that they will most likely never experience again: a UFO sighting, according to This is Local London.
Deborah Perry noticed, on Apr. 20, there were up to 30 “flying crafts” in the night sky but first she dismissed them as airplanes from the London City Airport but as she observed them for approximately 20 minutes, she realized they were not jets.
“I thought it was odd they were not flying behind each other, but more in a group formation, which appeared to be moving at the same pace, quite slow. I also noticed there was absolutely no noise. They disappeared completely with no trace.”
Perry further added that each object had a bright white light around it like an aura and they did not have red or green wings. The Bexley resident said she would like to know if anyone else saw what she saw on the same night, “I have waited a lifetime, 45 years, to see this and I do hope it was UFOs.”

On May 2, Debbie Fitzgerald and her husband noticed a bright orange light in the sky that was silent and moving at a fast pace. According to Fitzgerald, another light came a few minutes later but “was like a red pulsating light.”
Fitzgerald also said she wants to know if anyone else saw what they saw.

The history of Bexley UFO sightings
This is not the first time that Bexley has been the location for UFO sightings. On July 17, 1955, several people noticed a UFO, according to UFO Casebook. One man said the UFO actually landed on the roadway and took up the whole width of the roadway.

“It wasn't on the ground, it had about eight massive suckers. The centre was still, but the outer rim was spinning slowly and it had white lights flashing, like a camera flash. There were about 30 of us staring at it. We could hear it humming,” said Rodney Maynard, now 62-years-old.
In Sept. 2004, two women noticed also noticed a UFO from their rooms, while another woman saw three UFOs hovering above her bungalow a week prior, reports This is Local London.

Source: http://m.digitaljournal.com/article/291962

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