UFO sighting update, FL, May 3, 2010 seen by police and hundreds of people.

FL, May 3, 2010 - fast moving to the west, made erratic movements int he sky, blinking red, blue, green and white. MUFON Case # 23119.

I was driving home at 10:25pm heading south on 9th Avenue in Boca Raton. I saw hundreds of cars lining the streets including CSI, Boca Police and K-9 units. The police set up a telescope. I asked what the commotion was about, and onlookers pointed to the object... the glaringly white (blinking red, green and blue) object, moving erratically upways, and downways and east and west.

It was oval-shaped (length east/west direction). I knew right away that it was a UFO. I had always been somewhat of a believer, although I had never encountered a UFO. My entire body shook and my eyes teared up the moment I saw the object. I continued to shake and my eyes continued to tear for the next two hours.

It appeared about 20 times larger, if not more, than Polaris (North Star). Onlookers said it had been directly overhead where they laid on their backs on the grass to watch it until it shot north. Onlookers mentioned that it made triangular turns in its motions, it spun on it's axis.

On onlooker mentioned that his house beamed red from inside at around 11:00pm as if he was in the path of a red beamed light. Several others mentioned that it appeared to be beaming a light downward.

One of the onlookers was on the phone with his sister in Orlando (a 3 to 3.5 hour drive away), and she was informing him of a sighting there. They were describing the object's movements to one another verbatim. They determined that they were looking at the same object. Two different onlookers at separate locations mentioned a "red squiggly thing" shooting out.

The police on the telescope mentioned to an onlooker that the object was dome-shaped on top, flat on the bottom with several circular lights on the underneath side. We watched the object as it hung overhead very still while flashing different colors.

At the time, all of the stars that we could see were flashing the same colors as the object. The stars weren't shining normally like they usually so when the light they gives off passes through the layers of the atmosphere. It was a different type of shine--flashes of red, yellow and green. There were planes and helicopters chasing it and it continued to move more west.

It finally dropped in the sky below the trees we were near, and we lost track of it. We drove around for about one hour until 11:30ish and never caught sight of it again. We drove to a parking lot where we could almost see the horizon, and we still could not see it.

When I returned home, my dog, who had been in her crate, refused to come out (She's normally very cheerful and greets us with licks and jumps when we arrive home.) She then started shaking and pawing like crazy at the door. She appeared as if she couldn't get outside fast enough. Her actions showed us that she needed to go to the bathroom. But that wasn't the case. She ran outside and sniffed for several minutes.

The next morning, we saw the story on several different news stations. They all stated that it was a kite with an LED bike light. There are no pictures of the kite with the bike light. There is no way that a kite could have been maintained that high in the sky by a person, and the alleged bike light was much too bright to be a real LED light. I am officially a true believer.

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