May 6, 2010 cigar shape craft seen, Arkansas UFO sighting.

I will never ever forget what I saw Yesterday.

It has haunted me with questions all day today. Approx 6 pm yesterday May 6, 2010, I heard a massive airline leave our small airport. I looked up to see a air-bus with a tan front end and a weird tail on it. This huge plane was coming out of our Rogers municipal airport , Arkansas which is only used for small aircraft. I turned toward my front door while looking up. And to the east approx 1500 ft above my home was a cigar shaped UFO floating by between 60 and 70 mph.

It obviously was watching and following this air-bus. I thought camera and ran to the door but the door was locked accidentally by my 10 year old granddaughter. I yelled and beat on the door and my wife and granddaughter came blasting out to see what was wrong. I pointed at the craft and said look no wings! No sound! ( you could still hear the sound of the air-bus though) I knew I did not have time to take a picture so I grabbed my rifle scope and tried to see it.

If you have ever tried to do that, its near to impossible! My wife and granddaughter which did not believe in UfO's now had substantial proof. The UFO was approx 60ft to 70 ft long, 8 to 10 ft high and approx 15ft wide, moving at a speed of which any of our aircraft would fall out of the sky. It was metallic gray, glistened in the setting sun as it drifted upward keeping a level profile. From the side appearance, it looked like a disc because of the abrupt downward slope at each end of the craft. I watched as the air-bus made a slight left turn into the clouds and the UFO angled in that direction then vanished.

But right before it vanished, I got a glimpse of the rear of the craft and it appeared to have an almost octagon shape ( a wide octagon with rounded points) This I cannot say for sure as it was a ways away. It seemed either to be half cloaked or the energy from it made it seem a bit hazy. The following is the records from the airport. It does not show a large airplane leaving our airport! We live In Rogers Arkansas which is a very small town and also the near home of Walmart.

We think the above eyewitness UFO account matches with Russian MIGS cylinder UFO encounter.Where MIGS were scrambled to intercept a slim cylinder Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) but when the Russian jets catch up with the UFO it takes off at incredible speeds.

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