3 UFO sightings of different craft at Dayton, Ohio 2010.

Event Date: 2010-05-30
Event Location: Dayton , Ohio, US

Event Description: "During a memorial Day picnic, I was taking photos of kids playing in the yard at dusk. A photo of children taken at 9:09 p.m., a round object is seen above the trees, in a norther direction.

At 9:12 p.m. I took a photo of a decorative parachute with air slots, and a more definitive photo of the object is more clearly seen. When downloded an zoomed in on, you can see the size and brightness of the object.

Other photos show an aircraft that is easily recognized. The bright unknown object, invisible to everyone present, is in stark contrats, to known objects we observe here regularly. Attaching series of photos, that I was advised, I should ask Marc Dantonio at your MUFON location, to have a look see. Thanks,


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