Ellsworth, Wisconsin has UFO sighting, residence afraid to talk about it.

Wednesday, on my weekly visit to Elmwood Wisconsin, the UFO Capital, to pick up my order of Sailer’s Meats, I had a chance to visit with Leslie and Rick Sailer of Sailer’s Meats.

I mentioned the statue and UFO saucer sitting in front of Sailer’s Meat Store and asked if I could have a picture with it.

I proceeded to tell them, approximately two years ago, a customer arrived at Team Oil Travel Center in Spring Valley around 5 a.m., as white as a ghost. My clerk asked if something was wrong. He really hesitated to discuss his nervousness, but reluctantly stated he saw a saucer shaped object hovering above the road he was on.

My clerk mentioned it to me, but I just assumed the early customer had just encountered a late night out in the Valley. About two weeks later, waiting to make some purchases at the local hardware store, I mentioned the UFO encounter. Much to my surprise, a lady standing next to me, knew the date, time and location of the incident. She hadn’t mentioned it to anybody before because of fear of being ridiculed. About a week after that, I mentioned it at coffee; once again, another individual stated the same facts.

These three people had no idea of the other individual’s statements concerning the possible UFO.

It’s only logical the Elmwood area would be a chosen location for a visit. Beautiful, picturesque, off the interstate, and has the perfect longitude and latitude.

As the federal government, at taxpayers’ expense, searches outer space for other life, the residents of Elmwood invite the UFO’s to their community the last full weekend in July every year at Elmwood’s internationally known UFO Days, where the only expense is just being neighborly.

Source: http://www.piercecountyherald.com/pages/archive

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