Capri island has new UFO sighting, Florida.


Below is actual photo from security cam.

On April 8, I wrote about the unusual sightings that my husband and I watched over Johnson's Bay for three consecutive nights.

We discovered that we were not the only ones to see the bright white ball of light that appeared out of nowhere and then sat silently about 150 feet above the water and mangroves March 27 through 29.

Morgan Beall, state section director with the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network, also known as MUFON, read this story and came to the Isles of Capri to investigate.

After speaking with Isles of Capri Fire/Rescue Chief Emilio Rodriguez and some of his staff as well as Mike Castellano, owner of Capri Fish House and his staff, Beall quickly learned that they, too, had witnessed the event and others like it in past months and years.

Beall's investigation revealed that residents of Marco Island and Naples had also witnessed similar sightings.

On April 20 at around 9:22 p.m., workers from Capri Fish House called Beall to report seeing the same light in the same area again, but a bit further away.

On that same night, four other residents of Capri also witnessed it. Each of them described the object as a strange motionless and silent white light that appeared to be pulsating a slight reddish or yellowish light off to the west over Johnson's Bay.

Beall and his partner came to Capri to investigate, but because they had to travel from Fort Myers, by the time they arrived at 11:15 p.m., the object was gone.

More eyewitnesses

On May 26, and again June 10, more eye witnesses viewed this strange object.

Below is drawing of object.

This time it was in much closer, and on both nights it was seen between 9 p.m. and 11:15 p.m.

Chuck and Ginny Walton were the first to notice it May 26.

They came to our house and asked us to "come out to take a look."

We took our binoculars and were in awe of what we saw.


It was globe-shaped, and appeared to resemble a huge gyroscope. It hovered about 200 feet over the water in Capri Pass off to the west of us.

With the naked eye, we could see it pulsating a yellow and white light.

With binoculars, each of us could see the exquisite details of the object.

There were colored lights that ran horizontally around the globe.

There were bright white lights running vertically around it as well.

It appeared transparent, with an extremely bright white light inside that seemed to surround a black hole. It looked as if it had spikes jutting out from the top and the bottom.

It hovered, completely silent, for almost an hour before moving briefly to one side, then a slight dip down, and eventually backing up until it appeared to drop down and totally disappear in a flash.

The object appeared again June 10 at 9:55 p.m. and in approximately the same location, closer and much larger.

The Waltons were again the first to call us to ask if we had seen it. We grabbed our binoculars to take a look.

There it was. It was closer than we had ever seen it before. It began moving in toward us and hovering there for about 15 minutes before moving back to its original location.

Rodriguez and each of his men on duty that night also witnessed the event.

The descriptions that each of us shared are identical!

Beall was notified and is preparing to make additional visits with his photography equipment in hopes of capturing video footage of the object.

Other UFO groups are also tracking sightings in hopes of identifying the UFOs on and around Capri.

In the meantime, Beall is asking witnesses to draw a picture of what they see if they cannot capture it on film.

A long-time resident and fishing guide of Capri has registered his sightings as well.

Not only has he seen the same bright white ball of light in the sky on numerous occasions, he has also uncovered some strange large circles of barren land in several of the nearby mangroves.

Beall spent an entire day with him, visiting several of these unusual places by kayak.

"One we visited was about the size of the footprint of Capri Christian Church," Beall said.

"There was no vegetation growing on these bare circular spots," he said. "When the soil samples taken from the spot were tested, they showed no signs of radioactive or unusual metal materials, however the sand seemed to be glass-like and extremely white."

Please remember that if you see a UFO, according to UFO expert Michael Curta, use a camcorder or camera on a tripod to record what you see.

Write down all of the details of what you see to include date, time, distance; ask other witnesses to record their viewings; refrain from disturbing any trace left behind if a UFO hits the ground; judge the distance the object appears from where you stood; note and record any movement; should you encounter any danger, protect yourself, and immediately report the event to a UFO research organization.

MUFON is the largest and has investigators in all 50 states and around the world.

In our area, call Beall at 239-940-0433 or e-mail him at morgan.fl.mufon@gmail.com.

Also go to mufon.com and fill out a witness report.

Source: http://www.marcoislandflorida.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100617/MARCOCOLUMNISTS03/6170309/1196/More-UFO-sightings-baffle-Capri-residents

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