UFO sighting in UK again, black helicopter near it.

A SECOND sighting of strange orange objects in the skies over the north of the borough has been reported.

Producer Kate Sioftanou reckons she saw similar UFOs to those spotted by former pilot David Crook in Buckhurst Hill earlier this month.

Ms Sioftanou said she spotted two ball-shaped lights from the back garden of her home in New Wanstead on Saturday June 5.

She said: “It was a really lovely evening and we were sitting outside with some friends when suddenly this black helicopter came flying low overhead. Just behind it gliding across the sky was this big orange ball – it looked like it was following the helicopter.

“It was moving really, really fast.

“I didn't really think anything of it the first time, but about 20 seconds later another one came past.

“They were quiet low and didn't make a sound.

“Then I suddenly remembered the article I had read earlier that morning in the Guardian, and I went inside to re-read it and what I saw was pretty much the same.”

She added: “People say they could have been Chinese lanterns but the light was really intense – there wasn't a flickering flame or anything like that.

“My friend, who believes in different life forms, got very excited and started waving at it, but didn't get any response.

“I'm quite open-minded and you can't say there's nothing out there because we just don't know. But the cynical side of me thinks that the MoD is testing something around here, which would also explain why there was a helicopter in front of the orange balls. Perhaps it was clearing the way through?”

Source: http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/rbnews/8221699.WANSTEAD__Orange_UFO_spotted_again/

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