Carpathian Mountains UFO sighting, Ukraine.

Daytime UFO seen and filmed in Ukraine

According to the newspaper UA Reporter a UFO was seen and filmed in skies above the village of Rozovke in the vicinity of the town of Uzhgorod in the Carpathian Mountains region of Ukraine.

The event took place on June 2 at around 5.30pm. A local journalist who was in the area happened to see the UFO and managed to pull out a video camera and capture footage of the mysterious object (see film below).

What attracted the journalist’s attention to the UFO was the incredible speed that it was travelling along with the fact that it was totally silent. The journalist described the UFO as ‘a fast-flying sliver disc’. Ukraine’s UFO society UFODOS declared the object unidentified.

According to national UFO records kept in the Ukraine this is the first recorded UFO sighting to occur In the Carpathian region this year. Most UFO events in the Ukraine happen in the vicinity of the capital city Kiev.

Are extra-terrestrial UFOs visiting the Carpathian Mountains?

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