June 19, 2010 two UFO sighting caught on China Weather cams right now!

Note: The famous UFO sightings in Capri, Florida were also 1st seen on web security cams this month.

Look at these UFOs caught on China live weather web cams and follow the links to the cams now to see it youself now!!!

Look at the cam below. It dhows a glowing object in the sky on the right.

Look at the same cam just 15 minutes later. In the same place is a dark round object, click the photo to make it bigger.

Also this other live web cam in China shows a glowing orb.

Remember in Taiwan and China we are one day ahead of America, so the date of this UFO sighting is correct.

tai lam chung cam: www.weather.gov.hk/wxinfo/ts/webcam/TLC_e_realtime.htm

Wetland park web cam: kr.webcams.travel/webcam/1179240390-Weather-Wetland-Park-Tin-Shui-Wai

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