Landscape/ portrait photographer catches UFO sighting in Caribbean Sea.

Event Date: 2007-12-10
Event Location: Negril, JM

In the photos below you can see the 2 UFOs better.

Event Description: "I am a landscape/ portrait photographer...

I visited some family in Negril back in December 2007, and while I was walking near the light house I noticed an open courtyard of which over looked the Caribbean sea. I figured this would be a very nice location to capture a few images for my desktop screen.

The sky was perfectly clear and I didn't notice any birds in the sky...

I sat and waited a few minutes for a cargo ship of which was on the horizon to exit my shot and then I fired off three frames in rapid succession. I always bracket my shots in RAW+ high resolution, and this was no exception... On the screen the images appeared perfect, so I packed up and headed on down the road.

It was when I returned home and was going thru my shots that I noticed that there was an unusual "spec" on one of the three images of which I had captured.

The image I captured was in the second frame.
It drew my attention because my initial reaction was that this ruined the otherwise perfect shot. I think it is more than just a "spec" lol.

I sat on this image for quite some time however I did show it to a few of my closest friends joking about capturing a UFO on camera.

Initially I saw the first "spec", but several days later after going back to the original image, I realized that there were two of the objects on the shot with the second apparently further away from my post.

I have gone over this photo many times and tried to find a conclusion as to what could have gotten into my image but I cannot honestly think of anything that would show like what I have.... I inverted the colors and this was when I realized that the objects were both apparently very far away, large and solid in shape, and must have been traveling reasonably fast.

I have been shooting photos for several years, and have many shots with birds, planes,etc in the background... This is a first for me.



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Source: mufon

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