Seattle, Washington UFO sighting at Space Needle, June 20, 2010.

Date of Sighting: June 20, 2010

Time: 11:20 PM

Location: Seattle, Washington Live Web Cam

As I sat admiring the live cam of the Seattle Space Needle, I accidently caught an unusual object as it flew over the buildings. It appears to be saucer in shape.

I was watching the live cam that seems to renew itself every 4 seconds or so. That was when I caught this object on the far middle left of the screen. I hit the photo-taking button and believed that I had missed it, having so little time to get it. However when I looked at the saved photo, I saw that I had captured it, yet it was nothing I could identify. It appeared to be rounded and saucer shape, but I will let you be the judge.

Perhaps more UFOlogist should be paying attention to these free web cams on the internet. If you are interested in seeing these beautiful places on the cams, then maybe aliens are too.

Odd, I see two UFOs here.

Good luck and happy hunting,

Scott C. Waring, Author of UFO Sightings of 2006-2009 & this blog.

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