UFO sighting over ocean along Oregon.

Event Date: 2010-04-08
Event Location: At YAquinA HeAd lighthous, Oregon, US

Event Description: "We were on a trip down the Oregon coast and stopped at the Yaquina Head lighthouse near Newport, OR. It was a beautiful day, and I was trying out my new Lumix ZS3 high quality digital camera, taking numerous photos, as it was a beautiful, sunny day.

I noticed nothing unusual that day, but when I reviewed all the photos at home, one included what appears to be a sizable disc-shaped object in the sky (visible at about 1 o'clock position in top of photo).

Zooming in, I can see it's not a bird, and sun is glinting off the surface. Even further away down the right side of the photo, there appear to be two more off in the distance toward the other shore.

This photo was taken facing north, just east of the lighthouse. I took other photos at the same location, and none of them show these spots in the sky."

Source: mufon

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