Crop circle photos July 21, 2010, Buckingham England.

Standals Farm. Nr Bishopstone. Buckingham. Reported 21st July.

A friend of mine told me he thought he'd seen a circle from a train yesterday and after much quizzing from me about where it was and much walking from me this evening I found it.

It's at Bishopstone in Buckinghamshire. OS reference is roughly ((SP 818 825) WRONG OS REFERENCE). It's basically a big single circle. From pacing it I'd say it's about 90 foot across. All crop is anticlockwise and the swirl centre is way off the geometric centre.

There are also a lot of standing stems here and there with crop flattened around them. While I was on my way out of the field I found another one in the north east corner of the same field.

This one's also a single circle about 70 foot across. This one's clockwise and again the swirl is off- centre. This one looked like it had been there longer as the birds have obviously been eating the seed-heads.

At one point there was a standing thistle with crop flattened around it at at another point a thistle had been flattened in the same direction as the crop. Again there's quite a few standing stems. I've attached some photos of both of the circles. Feel free to use them or this report on your site if you want.

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