More photos of Mt. Rainier UFO sighting 7-15-2010.

Date of Sighting: 2010-07-15
Location: Washington, USA

On a day trip around Mount Rainier we were traveling up the road from highway 410 on the east side of the mountain to Sunrise Lodge. I was stopping along the way to take pictures of the scenery.

I noticed what I thought was a spot on a picture of the mountain after enlarging it back home in California. I zoomed in on it and decided to share it. I also sent in two pictures previously of images from near Skykomish.

To get three pictures in two weeks in the same general area?...I decided to check all the pictures closely. These three were of interest. I had no intention of photographing UFO's. I was only there to photograph scenery.
At the time I took these pictures I noticed and heard nothing out of the ordinary. The camera used was a Canon PowerShot A560 with 7.1 Mega Pixels.


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  1. I believe you! I live in Seattle Washington and have seen some very strange things in the night skies years after you saw the UFO's over Mt. Rainier. It is really time for the de-classification of Roswell/Area 51...we have a right to know!! That must have been quite an experience for you to witness. Take Care!!


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