UFO Photographed Over Pacopampa, Peru, black triangle craft.

UFO Photographed Over Pacopampa, Peru.

Date Reported: 7-27-2010
Date photographed: one year earlier.

My readers aren't fond of photographs of "blurfos", but here's one from Perú.

According to Argentina's Contexto website, Elmer Burga, a researcher with the "Asoprovida" UFO group, has presented a photo -- taken a year earlier -- of an unusual object flying over Pacopampa in the department of Cajamarca.

According to Burga, the photographer was shooting the landscape in an effort to find "significant environmental changes" due to local mining operations. Upon downloading the digital files to the computer, an unusual object was clearly visible:


A bird in flight? A spot on the camera lens? Visitors from another world? You decide.

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