UFO sighting in Sioux City, Iowa July 5, 2010.

Event Date: 2010-07-05
Event Location: Sioux City, Iowa, US

Event Description: "I was drivng about 55 mph. Thought I would get some shots of the landscape as the sun was going down. I'm attaching 3 shots, all taken in succession.

Each shot about 3 seconds apart. I was trying to capture a picture of a very large cloud as it engulfed the sun.

The pictures were taken while driving. I simply pointed the camera toward the sun and hoped for the best. The first shot shows an object high in the sky on the left side of the cloud. The second shot shows nothing. The third shot shows the object on the right side of the cloud. I don't know if the distance traveled is normal for a 9 seoond span of time."

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