UFO sighting Shoots Across China Looking like Giant Mother Ship, July 2, 2010, same as in Russia in 2009.

Although eyewitnesses say it is a small UFO with a big trail behind it, in the photo it looks like one large mothership. This is similar to another UFO sighting in Russia. See below.

Russia 2009.

The Russian UFO photo here comes from a video of a Security Camera on,May 22, 2009. Location of UFO: Sarapul in the Udmurt Republic. The V shape from the first object looks solid! It looks like the wake of a ship on the water. I believe this to be a giant ship that is cloaked and semi transparent, or light bending around it causing this effect.

In this Russian video there is a second appears to be a smaller craft the dropped out of the back end. This second object is also seen in the China Photo, look for the dark object inside the wake of the UFO. The trajectory doesn't look like a natural object or a rocket launch. It seems to indicate an atmospheric entry.

Source of Russian UFO Security Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLlO9RVfQQU


China News / roundup (translated from Chinese)

Following Kanas Lake was identified aquatic life, the mainland Chinese city of Urumqi has recently appeared in the sky in the discussion of "UFO", so the local media described as "a round of unidentified bright objects flew slowly to the east, its dragged behind a long white fan. "

According to "Tian Shan Net" report, these days many people in Urumqi in the evening of June 30 debate over a UFO passing over Xinjiang, the network is lot of heated discussions, on July 4, Xinjiang astronomy experts Interpretation, UFO is on June 30 the U.S. launched an intercontinental missile.

At 11:45 p.m. on the 30 June about the media's Red Hill in Urumqi City, ready to ride the station, suddenly saw someone pointing toward the sky, a circle of unknown luminous object fly slowly to the east, dragging behind long fan-shaped white light. July 1, "UFO" on the Internet travels uproar. Urumqi, Karamay 100 Spring, Altay City, also have claimed to see UFOs.

A Ming Yining Li Jun also photographed members of the public that evening UFO photos. Li Jun said that he was driving on clear night, the Iraqi highway, he found a rounded and with a long tail of the UFO beam, stay in the sky for a short time.

Xinjiang Song Huagang Astronomical Society, said the Secretary-General, the object can not be the "UFO" or UFO, is actually June 30 launch of an intercontinental missile the United States, of some regions can be visually observed under space flight ICBMs.

According to People's Network report, the U.S. military on June 30 from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base launched a "militia -3 type" ICBMs, and hit targets more than 7000 km away.

Missile in local time at 3:40 on the 30 June (that Beijing at 6:40 p.m. on the 30 June) launched, in the atmosphere across the Pacific outside and hit in the Marshall Islands boast Delin reef near the target.

At 3:19 p.m. on the July 2, Zhu tourists from Beijing in the Xinjiang Kanas scenic spot all the fish observatory parking lot near the mountain, he suddenly found a bend in the lake there is a shadow between the boat slowly swimming, he quickly used take photos of the hands of unknown aquatic organisms swimming in the whole process, until 15:30, an unidentified aquatic swimming went to the bottom. According to the presence of tourists, said an unidentified swimming aquatic organisms is clearly much longer than the boat. (News See: http://www.nownews.com/2010/07/05/91-2622376.htm)


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