15 Meter Creature Caught in 2 Photos in Lake, Xinjiiang, China July 2, 2010.

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Two Amazing photos were taken of a lake in Xinjiiang, China. Both contain the long shadow of an unknown creature lurking below the surface. Notice the object has moved position in the two photos and note that the boats have moved also. The size in relation to the boats would come close to 15 meters in length.

The Chinese Translation is as follows:
China News / roundup

At 3:19 p.m. on the July 2, Zhu tourists from Beijing in the Xinjiang Kanas scenic spot all the fish observatory parking lot near the mountain, he suddenly found a bend in the lake there is a shadow between the boat slowly swimming, he quickly used take photos of the hands of unknown aquatic organisms swimming in the whole process, until 15:30, an unidentified aquatic swimming went to the bottom. According to the presence of tourists, said an unidentified swimming aquatic organisms is clearly much longer than the boat.

Kanas Lake in Xinjiang unknown aquatic organisms appeared.

According to Internet Introduction (http://www.51766.com/img/knsh/), Kanas scenic spot in the middle of northern Xinjiang's Altai Mountains, located in China and Kazakhstan, Russia, bordering Mongolia, the gold zone, natural landscapes, and cultural landscape has maintained the original style and known as the Pure Land.

According to the "big Kanas Tourism Master Plan (2005-2020)," Kanas Tourist Zone in order to latitude 48 ° 13 'to the southern border, east to grasses and rural as the boundary borders the northwest planning area of 10,000.30 square kilometers, including the Kanas National Nature Reserve, Kanas National Geological Park, White Haba National Forest Park, Jarden valley national forest park, Buerjin valley, grasses and valley, grasses and grasslands and Wo Kimura,White Haba village, Kanas village and other villages in the three original Tuva were seven wins at home and abroad enjoy the natural landscape areas and three cultural landscape zone, which Kanas Lake known as "the world's most beautiful lakes."

Source: http://www.nownews.com/2010/07/05/91-2622376.htm

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