Argentina UFO sighting 7-26-2010.

Date of Sighting: 2010-07-26
Location of sighting: Argentina
summary: two Paralell Formation of Lenticular Ufo .
Two parallel formation of UFOs, floating over the Capital of Argentina.

July 26, 2010, recorded
peak of "UFO Activity
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Hours after the Event, through forums on youtube, were exposed, more stories who watched the event, several kilometers from my position.

With abnormal activity of orbital elements, which move in exact parallel formation. "
Two " were the strange formations,of Lenticular Unidentified Object "
and possible V.E.D , manifested in Heaven of Buenos Aires, the first
luminous manifestation Looking West "of the Capital at 19: 32
when over "Venus, Mars and Saturn"(all three are in the same sector)
, It began to see the strange Transit Lighting Two small UFO "that
Training continued accurate, direct to the North. Minutes later at 19,45
another Paralell Formation , this time with more extreme "Magnitudes
overtime (exceeding - 1 and -2) began a possible orbiting strange / unusual.
at 19:46 in full Zenith / Vertical of the Federal Capital, it began to make visible
"Extraordinary two luceros(since the size magnitude of Venus) with the passage of the Second
began a slow and steady movement directly to the North (with precision) is important to clarify
to or inexperienced neophytes that this type of orbit, are not consistent or even possible for the Space Station., Since this can not orbit in that exact position never "Say consistently that in situations of displacement with precision displacement Orbital South / North , or North / South, never seen the ISS "from Buenos Aires, this statement is easily demonstrable and chequeable. Unfortunately, the first 10 seconds were the most impressive , the Second and Parallel Formation of this last evening was not recorded., But obviously if "any further development of
Event, which for three more minutes, showed the strange behavior Orbital North Parallel with plotting sheet is recorded so.
To date, messages posted on YouTube, shows that more people also noted the strange formations .Info [Witness' name removed/cms/tg] from Bs.As



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