New info of China July 7th 2010 UFO Sighting that shut down airport & the lies China spreads to cover it up.

New info of China July 7th 2010 UFO Sighting that shut down airport & the lies China spreads to cover it up.

This summer there were reports and photographs of a large craft without wings and half a dozen windows in its hull photographed across several cities spanning over 50 KM span of China. This UFO was so large that the local airport, one of largest in China, shut down. That was Hangzhou Airport. News released the photos and stories before China could sensor them or stop them. The story was out.

China announced that the photos were made up and that the object was just a unregistered airplane, but this would not explain the photos or the thousands of China citizens in the city of Hangzhou. However China has to try. Instead of saying it was Venus or a weather balloon, like America used to explain UFO sightings, they reached for a new explanation saying that the DIGITAL CAMERAS WERE WRONG! That the photos were not what they seemed to be. The last I checked, digital cameras were not capable of lying to people. On the contrary, digital cameras can actually see and record outside of the visible spectrum of the human eye making it more accurate and more detailed than we ourselves could see. This story was released from Bejing by author Cheng Cheng Jiang, who is clearly working for China to help clean up this mess they made and some how this lie snuck into Time.com this week.

All photos in this article are real and were taken in July 7, 2010 in China.

China’s latest excuses have no grounds and prove hat the USA and China both want to hide their information about aliens. Why? China just became the worlds 2nd economic power, on their way to be the first. But to be the first they will need the technology they captured or traded for from alien species. This technology will insure that the USA and China remain world powers. The US and China do not wish other nations to know about this technology or where it came from because they want to keep it a secret so that they can take advantage of it alone, much like two selfish children who discover a blackberry patch behind their school and decide they alone will eat it and not tell their classmates about the delicious food growing nearby.

What I am asking you is to take a good look at the photos here of the UFO that flew over the airport that day in August 7th, 2010 and decide for yourself what it really is. Do not let me or anyone else tell you what your eyes see. When you look at a red delicious apple hanging from a tree, do you question if it’s really an apple? When you walk to your car, do you question if this vehicle is really a car? Good, then you get the point.

If you would like to learn more about this UFO sighting or others, please go to youtube.com and search, “UFO Sighting,” and you will find a plethora of informative videos with mountains of evidence for you to view. If you prefer to read about true UFO sighting reports by astronauts, astronomers, governors and US presidents then go to http://www.ufoevidence.org/

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