Perpignan, France UFO sighting photos taken on August 13, 2010.

Date of Sighting: August 13, 2010 8:06PM
Location of Sighting: France, Perpignan

Friday, August 13, 2010 at 8:06 p.m., Cyril, who lives in Perpignan on the 5th floor of a building noted for 3 minutes a formation flying spheres of silver-gray preceded by two red spheres. Cyril's apartment located opposite the Corbières, offers a panoramic 180 °.He first became intrigued by a ring-shaped cloud unfinished floating above the mines Vingrau. Just above the ring, he noticed two red spheres followed by eight silver-gray spheres.

Quickly, he takes his little compact digital camera and tried to photograph the training that approached him in a North-West South-East. The very average quality photos can not be clearly distinguished gray spheres but both red spheres taken almost directly above his apartment's very visible.
The witness said:

I was attracted by a giant cloud half circle that has formed in the sky at the Horizon. Then all of a sudden I saw objects: two groups of objects in training I took for Canadair. This is when I approached a group distinguished above the high altitude of silvery white spheres in number from eight to ten. Then lower, as the forefront, two red objects tend to deform as soft balls but were moving perfectly in line who have crossed at some point in a sort of fun at the image of two butterflies intertwined. I could also distinguish a yellow for these two objects. The most intriguing is how they were distorted into an oval and round, it looked like the wings of gliders deformable constant speed, whose passage over the department according to my observation, has approximately three minutes duration, because they have practically flown over my building and I could not continue to observe them despite my running down the other side of the building. I shared one of my neighbors who was downstairs, he saw nothing. These objects were not making noise, they did not emit light associated with their main bodies, the other much larger group High seemed to be reflected by the sun already setting in an iridescent silver and white ball.

Enquiries showed that there was no traffic that can explain this observation. The group of spheres crossed the plain about 400 km / h according to our estimates.

Similar observation at night five days earlier, August 8, 2010 by two groups of witnesses located in two different places separated 5 km

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