UFO sighting at Montelimar France, see photo.

Montelimar (Drรดme) A UFO seen Friday night ... "It was flying fast, no noise"

Location of Sighting:Montelimar, France
Date of sighting: July 12, 2010

The Montelimar Cheynet Raymond has remained silent. "It was about 22 hours, I was near the castle of Adhemar, when I saw a UFO over Montelimar. The UFO moved like a balloon, silently, northbound at high speed, about 400-500 meters high, just above the city."

Raymond then called his wife to show him the phenomenon. He has his camera with him, and seized it to capture the strange vision.

"We have seen about 30 seconds, he sped towards the north?" He said calmly.

Source: ledauphine.com (translated from French by SCW)

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