Shifting UFO sighting over Melbourne Australia August 7, 2010, see photos.

When a skywatch in Australia was filming on a clear day hoping to catch some UFO orbs, he was lucky enough to catch this unusual and colorful UFO as it flew across the sky, in and out of clouds.

The crafts seems to rotate and turn as it travels. It appears to be semi translucent, although the position of the sun at that time seems to have caused the suns rays to reflect rainbow like colors over this UFO.

The witness checked the ISS website (international space station) but at this time it was half a world away over Argentina. So this sighting was not the ISS but an actual UFO.

The video was posted on youtube at the source below and he states that this is the second time he has captured this UFO. He also states that he sometimes leaves his camera on all day recording in hopes of capturing one or more UFOs or orbs traveling through the clouds.

With dedicated documenters like him, it will not be long before evidence is piled so high, WE WON'T NEED GOVERNMENT DISCLOSURE.

NOTE: in photo below, the UFO we see looks like a small part of a much bigger craft.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9wIxJsbhdQ

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