UFO Sighting of craft with cloud like shield over city of LA, California on 8-18-2010, see photos.

Location of sighting: Downtown Los Angeles, California, US
Date of sighting: 8-18-2010

I was driving north on the 110 Fwy when I noticed a huge circular disc-shaped cloud very low over downtown LA. The strange thing was, there was not a single other cloud in the sky...typical alien mistake if you ask me, they are as imperfect as us with just fancier aircraft... Anyway, I have read several articles and seen photos of other cloud cloaked UFO's, Hence, I knew what I was looking at immediately when I saw it.

Although I was driving, I reached into the back seat, grabbed my digital camera and snapped these pictures through the front window of my jeep. I took 4 pics, but these 3 are the ones that came out in focus.

Zoom in on these pics. The closer you look the more it looks like a disc!

The cloud cloaked UFO did not move at all. It simply hovered in place. I drove up the highway and went on my way so it was only in my sight for a few seconds before I was past and I didn't want to turn and take more pics and risk crashing on the freeway...no "ignorant of human civilization" Greys are going to ruin my day.

My feelings? I wasn't that surprised, it's my 5th sighting and I am used to being "in the ant farm" now. Just like my first sighting of a transparent cloaked triangle with cloud in it on a clear night, these aliens messed up again by disguising themselves as a cloud on a cloudless day...morons. Humans Rule The Galaxy




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